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Situation Punks

Situation Punks are a very small group that wishes to remain anonymous, for now, and are named after the Situationists International organization. Their CEO (and artist) doesn’t claim to stand for everything they did but he sees himself as a social revolutionary trying to create avant-garde works of art especially within the NFT community. They are based in South Africa and are honored to be called crypto artists. The SituationPunks met while studying art together. The dynamic skillset consists out of several art mediums including Graphic design (digital painting), drawing and painting, motion design, film, and photography.

situation punks nft art

With incredible and motivational leadership, they can function within any unknown space. NFTs are exactly that, unknown, and have ventured into that unknown space with the utmost confidence. They truly believe that they can succeed. As artists, we borrow our eyes, ear, and minds to the world we sense and we create. All artworks are created from the heart. That being said they also believe in the crypto space, having more than two things we love in the same bundle, truly excites us.

Situation Punks believe that NFTs are one of the most amazing recent discoveries. It has given them a new drive, new energy in which they feel truly unstoppable. It is a platform they use to express themselves, not only within their artworks but also by leaving leave a bit of uniqueness and creativeness within every NFT. Situation Punks believe that their artistic vision and energy has become part of the enormous blockchain. It’s important to note that Situation Punks don’t create NFTs for a quick cash grab and have thousands of projects planned.

situation punks nft crypto artwork

In a recent interview, they were asked what their key themes, inspiration, and concerns are. The answer to this was simple, all of them, all of the key themes, all of the concerns, and everything as inspiration. They want to show their emotion, show your emotion, the world’s emotion. Themes like freedom, social change, identity, conflict, humans, the environment, and inventions are only the start. “We will leave no stone unturned, nor will we leave anyone out of our designs, truly cause we believe in the phrase: You do you! And being crypto artists is the thing that makes us tick.”

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