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Non-chimpz are the non-chimps who’ve chosen to be something much more. Years of training and study have turned them into the apex specimens of their digital species. Because of that, they’ve earned their right to the fantasy sports world for Non-Chimpz that launches in 2022.
‘NON’ is an acronym, meaning ‘Noble, Outstanding, and Notorious’, capturing the exceptional nature of the Non-Chimpz compared to their typical mammalian brethren. Each is noble in character, outstanding in ability, and notorious in fame within the jungle. Excelling in life requires a certain mindset. That’s why Non-Chimpz Headz will be launched first, with unique skills attached to them. They’ll eventually lead to the minting of Non-Chimpz Bodyzz, at a later date, when both head and body are working in harmony. When put together, each Non-Chimp will realize his true and unique competitive potential.

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