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Miss Bananaverse

Miss Bananaverse is here to present her very first NFT collection Eat My Banana looking at the ambiguity of the online space.

Like many girls out there she has been targeted by the ever ambiguous keyboard warriors, that seem to take pleasure in dishing out hate or displaying unsolicited images of themselves which are best left to the imagination.

miss bananaverse nft artist

She wasn’t sure how to feel other than a deep disconnect and powerless to this social narrative of the online universe. What could be done ? How to participate and make a difference in a world that is ever-changing? How to take the fight to them without becoming them? The answer soon became obvious; humour. It’s easy to let life get you down yet if you don’t laugh at these situations you will only cry.

Her response was to send an ‘image’ back much to the perpetrator’s bewilderment. In that moment of laughter, something clicked, it was a light bulb moment if you will, turning a negative into a positive. Now her work is not to be mistaken for the sexualization of the female body. Far from it. Empowerment is motivation. Currently, she’s working on the future and a pathway of how far this NFT project can go. Her goal is to donate a percentage of the profits to charity and the rest to setting up a foundation for people of any gender who have been targeted by online abuse.

miss bananaverse nft

Other inspirations have come from the heated debates of our modern time whether it is gender or identity politics, “I’m hoping my work can be placed in a neutral place that dissipates toxic behaviour with humour and empowerment. We all have to learn to get along. Everyone has contrasting views. We have to acknowledge others as well as our own even if we believe them to be morally in the wrong. Education is key for our future generations.”

Miss Bananaverse out.

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