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Lazio Football Club NFT Collection

Binance is the main sponsor of Italian football giants Lazio. The sponsorship deal is said to be worth around $35 million over the next two years with an option of a third. Binance will not only bring money to the table but also a technical partnership.

The Lazio token is currently trading on the platform and part of the partnership is already underway. For the equivalent of $1 per token, selected Binance users were able to stake funds in the initial coin offering. As soon as the token launched, there was a buying frenzy, causing the value to shoot up to $23 per token although that figure has since decreased. This shows how much of a positive impact the partnership has on the club.

Lazio NFT mystery box

Binance has launched an official Lazio collectibles product line. It’s the first time in history that a Serie A club has ever offered an official NFT product line. The NFTs consist of 4 different tiers with 4 different cards on each tier. Buyers were able to purchase a “mystery box” which contained a single randomly selected NFT. There were 15’000 mystery boxes in total and all of them sold out very quickly. 

This partnership promises to connect the club even closer to its fans. NFT holders will be able to vote on club decisions, stake their tokens for team rewards, and unlock certain fan badges by collecting the whole range of NFTs. More details on these offers will follow shortly.

4 different designs available in 4 tiers.

Lazio has a loyal fanbase numbering in the millions. With only 15’000 NFTS available it will only be a matter of time before they become hot property. Resales on the Binance marketplace are already starting to find good deals, and there are some great ones to be had before the buying frenzy begins.

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