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Adobe Photoshop To Add NFT Feature

Adobe is moving toward non-fungible tokens. A new feature on Photoshop will allow artists to prove they are the creators of artwork on NFT marketplaces. Users can link their Adobe accounts, and Content Credentials, with social media profiles or crypto wallets. If they sell their art as NFTs, the marketplaces will be able to show a digital certificate based on the Adobe-verified credentials.

Adobe has partnered with a handful of NFT marketplaces to enable the feature. An opt-in Photoshop feature attaches edits and identity info to images. Adobe hopes to release an open-source developer kit that lets anyone fold ‘Content Credentials’ into their products, expanding its use well beyond Creative Cloud users. The value of NFT art is highly dependent on its authenticity. It could help more artists stamp their projects, not to mention save time.

photoshop nft feature

Adobe’s “prepare as NFT” option will launch in preview by the end of this month. Attribution data created by the ‘Content Credentials’ will be displayed live on an IPFS system (Inter Planetary File System). OpenSea, Rarible, KnownOrigin, and SuperRare will be able to integrate with ‘Content Credentials’ to show Adobe’s attribution information.

The feature will be able to take whatever you’re working on and prepare it along with the attribution capabilities. There aren’t any rules or restrictions within the blockchain that prevents someone from minting an NFT with content they did not create. The mere fact that it was minted as an NFT gives it inherent credibility and authenticity.

The recent decision by Adobe to regulate non-fungible transactions is yet another important milestone in the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. It will promote greater quality control throughout all platforms where NFTs are sold and help flush out the opportunistic artists who use NFTs as a vehicle for fraud.

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